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Brick (LEGO®) Mini-Builds

View our current range of bricks sets and toys. We’ll be adding to these all throughout the year.

Brick (LEGO®) Party Bags

Check out our unique party bags, recyclable and reusable items, all Lego® brick themed.

LEGO® Books, Gifts and Extras

A range of other Official Lego® items and Lego® themed items including birthday candles.

Our (LEGO®) MOC Instructions

Buy our mini-build instructions sheets to build great new things with your own Lego bricks. 

Our (LEGO®) Brick Blog

We love Lego, we love bricks and we’re sharing our favourite stuff in our brick news blog. 

Our brick mini-build sets (made with LEGO®)

Buy downloadable instructions

My Little Pony® Brick Mini-Builds

Star Wars Brick Mini-Builds

Finding Dory Brick Mini-Builds

Angry Birds Brick Mini-Builds

Dinosaurs Brick Mini-Builds

Brick Christmas Ornaments

About Us – We’re all about being GREEN!

Brick Party Bags is a Suffolk based family run business. We have young children and having been to many birthday parties for under 10s, we have received countless plastic bags with plastic and rubber toys like those shown here. With the issues the World is seeing with plastic, we wanted to try and do things differently. Offering Party Bags with items that are either reusable, recyclable or compostable, we’re hoping we can help make a bit of a difference. Plus, at the same time, embrace our love of LEGO® bricks.

All of our toys are built using LEGO® bricks, so can totally be re-used. Our party bags are made of paper, not plastic, so can be recycled. The paper for the instructions can be recycled and we’re proud that the paper used is from the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) well-managed forests and they carry their seal of approval. Finally, the little bags we package our sets in are made from corn starch (annually renewable) and are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to CO2 and H2O (water) which help new plants to grow. Cool huh?!.

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