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Angry Birds brick mini-build toy sets

Angry Birds by Rovio was one of the first massive mobile phone games, then it was a Hollywood movie and now it’s one of our brick mini-builds. In our set of 5, we have the main character Red and his friends Chuck, Bomb and Matilda, along with one of the Bad Piggies.

All of our mini-builds are My Own Creations (MOCs) made with new, official LEGO® bricks.

Red Bird

£3.50 EACH

Red is the hero and main character in Angry Birds, with his bright red colour and distinctive frowny eyebrows. Can you keep his anger under control?

Chuck (Yellow Bird)

£3.50 EACH

Chuck is the yellow dart shaped Angry Bird. He is the fastest type of bird and flies through the air to smash those bad piggies.

Bomb (Big Black Bird)

£3.50 EACH

Bomb is the biggest of the Angry Birds. He’s black in colour with big red eyebrows. He’s on a short fuse though, so be careful or he may explode!

Matilda (White Bird)

£3.50 EACH

Matilda is the only lady in the group, but she is just as ruthless with those bad piggies, dropping eggs on their heads as she soars through the air.

Bad Piggie

£3.50 EACH

No Angry Birds set would be complete without at least one Bad Piggie. This chap thinks his safe with his helmet, sticking his tongue out.

Full Angry Birds set

£15.00 FOR THE SET

If you want all five of our Angry Birds, this pack will see you right. You’ll save £2.50 on buying all five of our own design mini-builds at once this way.

Angry Birds books, gifts and extras

Angry Birds – Downloadable Instruction Sheets

Angry Birds – Downloadable Instruction Sheets

Now you can use your own LEGO® bricks to build our Angry Birds with our downloadable instructions for only £1.95! ...BUY NOW!

Angry Birds Movie Sticker book

Angry Birds Movie Sticker book

Don't get mad, get stickered, in this fun-packed activity book that's bursting with over 1000 stickers!  32 pages + 14 pages of stickers. ...BUY NOW!