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We are truly brick mental. We love our Lego bricks, whether it’s creating our own mini-build MOCs or playing with official Lego sets or just reading about Lego and seeing what everyone else is doing with it. It’s a passion, that’s for sure. So we’ve started up a brick blog to share our favourite stuff. We hope you like it. 

LEGO competition at London Festival of Architecture

LEGO competition at London Festival of Architecture

A LEGO competition between architect businesses has become part of the upcoming London Festival of Architecture. LEGO is a huge part of the business of so many architects, for the planning and design of their projects. A celebration of architecture is taking place...

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Happy Anniversary Lego Star Wars

Happy Anniversary Lego Star Wars

Happy Anniversary Lego® Star Wars! This year, LEGO® celebrates 20 years of its affiliation with Star Wars. In anticipation of this milestone, LEGO® has released five anniversary sets as well as a special anniversary logo. LEGO® Star Wars, was the toy manufacturer's...

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The Lego Brick is 61 Years Old

Bust out the Lego-inspired birthday candles –The LEGO brick is 61 years old this year! At 1.58pm on January 28 1958, the original patent by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen was signed. (Hurrah to that man!) Since that time the Danish toy has exploded and become a global...

Lets Support Those Making The Change!

Let's Support Those Making The Change!  Brick party Bags loves everything green and uses recyclable in our business wherever possible not just our party bags! We discovered Boston Tea Party, an independent Bristol based coffee house chain with over 22 stores. The...

We’re all about being GREEN!

Brick Party Bags is a Suffolk based family run business and we're all about being green! We have young children and have been to many birthday parties for under 10s, we have received countless plastic bags with plastic and rubber toys like those shown here. With the...

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