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Dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex


T-Rex was the king of the carnivores. It lived 80 million years ago and was 40 feet tall.

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Tyrannosaurus (Tyrant Lizard King), or T-Rex for short, was the king of the carnivores, eating anything and everything it wanted to. It lived 80 million years ago and was 40 feet tall.

Our construction toys are MOC’s (My Own Creations!) and are all built using brand new official LEGO® bricks and pieces! Our MOC’s are packed as loose bricks for you to build our design. Each design comes with its own set of instructions (made from recyclable paper) in a little cellophane type package which measures 9 cm wide x 8 cm tall / approximately 3 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/4 inches high. The package is made from corn starch (annually renewable) and is fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to CO2 and H2O (water) which help new plants to grow! Cool huh?!

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